How we Teach

Loving Hearts Child Development Center strives to be excellent in everything we do, particularly in our curriculum and teaching methods. We participate in different programs including Nebraska Step Up to Quality, Pyramid Project, and the Infant Toddler Quality Initiative. These programs and all the training that our staff participate in help us to provide the best care and education for our children.

Below you will find information about the specific curriculum we use in our program.


Beautiful Beginnings

Beautiful Beginnings curriculum is used in our Infant and Toddler classrooms. This curriculum was developed by SRI/ St. Elizabeth Child Development Center. It is individualized to the child, with developmental goals being set on a monthly basis. Each child’s family receives the goals at the beginning of the month to review. Then, at the end they receive information on whether the goals were met.

There are eight different developmental areas that teachers strategically focus on to meet the needs of the children.


Learn Every Day

Learn Every Day is used in our Three’s, and Preschool classrooms. Based on the latest research of how children learn best, each of the 36 thematic units in the curriculum are aligned to Head Start Outcomes, School Readiness Goals, and State Early Childhood Standards! Each lesson focuses on a combination of math, literacy, science, social studies, and creative arts.

We believe that children learn by playing, experimenting, exploring, and testing. Therefore, most all of the day is spent in areas of the classroom where teachers sit down with small groups of children for individualized learning experiences. We also work with children in whole groups to teach shapes, numbers, and letters.

Learning is meant to be a natural, joyful experience. Our curriculum is flexible to accommodate individual differences in needs, abilities, and interests.


Bible Lessons

As a Christian Childcare Center, Bible lessons are taught each morning. We begin teaching Bible stories in our Infant 2 room where infants learn about Jesus, learn to be thankful, and other Christian concepts. Then as children develop, the Bible curriculum develop as well, until children know all the major Bible stories, know that they are God’s child, and know how to serve Him well.