4 Rooms, 4 Colors,
Learning 4 All

Our center is divided into six classrooms in four color coded rooms. As the children grow, they transition from one room to another that meets their developmental needs. Our teacher’s and our program stimulate learning in all our children and at all ages. After all, the early years of a child’s life greatly effect their overall development throughout their lifetime.

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Classroom Gallery

The Green Room

The green room is our Infant 1 room for children ages 6 weeks to around 9 months.

The Yellow Room

The yellow room is split up and houses our Infant 2 class and Toddler 1 class.

The Red Room

The red room is split up and houses our Toddler 2 class and Three’s class.

The Blue Room

The blue room houses our two Preschool classes which includes 3, 4 and 5 year olds.